Sponsorship is a fast and cost-effective way of gaining maximum exposure to our quality Property and SME business audience, providing instant brand awareness whilst demonstrating that your company leads rather than follows the market. Sponsorship of the Property Catalyst Club is for a minimum 12 month period and includes: 

  • Your Company logo and hyperlinks on relevant pages of the Property Catalyst Club Website 
  • Hyperlink to your website on all future Property Catalyst Club invitations 
  • Invitations for you and your guests to each event 
  • Presentation opportunity at each Property Catalyst Club Lunch event 
  • Promotion across all Property Catalyst Club Social Media platforms 
  • Promotional article on the Property Catalyst Club website 
  • Your pull-up banner positioned at all relevant events to provide maximum brand exposure as required 
  • Marketing literature distributed to attendees at all events as required 
  • Facilitation of introductions to members and guests 

For further information please call 07818 675310 
Or email: info@propertycatalystclub.co.uk

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